bring forth spring: a season of blossoms & growth

Each season has its own character and beauty. In the many lessons I’ve been learning this semester, life is just full of seasons — going from seasons of change to seasons of frosty cold & bitterness that’ll eventually become a season of growth — which then turns into a season of intense passion!

For me, like the trees blossoming outside my window, I’ve entered into a season of growth and ‘blossoming’. In the past year (it’s already been three months+), I’ve already learned so many lessons about my identity, overcoming trials, what I can become, how to love the people around me, and much much more. But I think the most crucial part of my ‘blossoming’ is that it’s in fact not about ME blossoming. It’s about the why.

The why is God: the creator who thought of me growing into the person I currently am striving to be even before I was in my mother’s womb. God: the gardener who tends to my heart and soul everyday, nurturing and using the utmost patience to guide my character to grow. God: the protector watching over me as I weather through bitter winters, thunderstorms and rain. Through every season, He is still God. He is still there, and here.

So in this season, as the sun’s rays pour into my character, strengthening my soul, giving me nutrients to take root into the ground, I raise my arms in triumph because I can boldly stand firm and proclaim God’s glory. I can shower His goodness to those around me not by works or showy words, but just being me. His love, joy, & peace runs through  my veins, the source of my spiritual blood.


2 thoughts on “bring forth spring: a season of blossoms & growth

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