behind the lens of a social media machine

Disclaimer: this is not a post to brag on myself, but something to detail why I love social media.

This semester I’ve recently joined a marketing/communications group in my fellowship called the Creative Communications Cohort. The Cohort is great because I get to do some of my favorite things to a bigger audience while serving the community. However, in the pre-Cohort days, I was pretty much functioning as my own “Cohort”.

Some people really hate on social media because yes, it can be a little revealing or constraining. Why would one start to write their nonsensical daily ramblings  on a blog — or shorten it into 140 characters; or be constantly reblogging pictures of cats!?

Social media (especially Tumblr and my Google reader/blogs) started out as a means for my procrastination, but out of that I discovered the joys of information sharing, which can be seen by the links I’m constantly spamming people’s Facebook walls with. Even though social media can seem like an impersonal thing, just a person behind their computer screen — but by sharing the awesome things (so I think) I find, I bring others in the conversation and expand on our mutual interests. Despite its surface-level pettiness & shallowness; I think there is something to sharing and reaching out to others that social media has the power to do.

So, in lieu of this topic, here are some links that I would like to share with ya’ll 🙂

one of my favorite art blogs { to go into the world }
a great song by my new favorite band, the modernnomads { download their single for free here }
tedtalk x thenextgenerationashville video { What’s Wrong with Our Food System }
great banana smoothie w/basil garnish that i’ve been making { underthemangotree }



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