musing mondays 1×6

There are 41 days until graduation. The end of every spring semester is a long & winding road, and senior year is no exception. Yes, I am only taking 12 credits, but all my classes are upper-level SIS classes where professors seem to think all your time is dedicated to doing work for their class. I’ve joked so many times that I just want to quit school because it gets in the way of my ‘full-time’ Chi Alpha responsibilities. But there’s no quitting now. 41 days until graduation and I have to not only have the endurance to make it to the finish line, but have the perspective to enjoy the scenery that I’m running past.

These four past years in college has been a whirlwind. I may still not look a day over 18, but the way I live life has radically changed. There has been true transformation and a freedom in Christ that I never knew was even an option. My childhood through high school were no easy years, and it is in college, in washington d.c. where I have [re]-discovered who i am and the magnificent wonder it is to not be anyone else. I no longer let people define what I can do or who I can become, but find myself firmly rooted in a God who walks across every mountain and down every valley with me.

Forty-one days do not scare me. Forty-one days does not mean that there is no more time to do all i want. Forty-one days does not mean that college is basically over. Forty-one days does not mean I can let responsibility and priorities slip by. Forty-one days does not mean I cannot keep growing and flourishing and learn new things.

Forty-one days means that I have forty-one mornings to drink coffee and enjoy the company of my roommate. Forty-one days means 59,040 minutes to soak in friendships and walking down the streets of D.C. in conversation and laughter. Forty-one days means getting to say I conquered three academically vigorous classes, read a gazillion pages and wrote 50 pages of my own thoughts and analysis [quality writing is debatable]. Forty-one days means an art gala, my birthday, Easter, April Fool’s day, senior banquet, SPRING, and much much more.

musing mondays is a column dedicated to joy. no matter the circumstances, the challenges, and the tribulations of a week — this column can be something i will look back towards and remember to zoom out & think about the bigger picture. that challenges are only momentary and joy will come in the morning.


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