A Tale of 2 PKs

Two Pastor’s Kids. Same family, same church. One is going to heaven, the other to hell. (GRIN)

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We (Jo and Symph) grew up in a small Chinese American church in New York City, where both of our fathers serve as pastors. Jo’s father and Symph’s mother are siblings, and we share the same grandparents. Despite our divergent eternal destinations (Jo is no longer a Christian), we often have on-going conversations about the intersections of faith and social justice usually over dinners at Jo’s house in Brooklyn (since Symph still lives with her parents).

In this series called A Tale of Two PKs, we discuss growing up as pastors’ kids, how our lives have led to different beliefs about God, why we both care about social justice, and what we think the church has to do with social change. We thought we would publish some of these thoughts in hopes that other people on a similar journey can join in on our conversations, and teach us as we continue our journeys as pastor’s kids.

Part 1: PK Perks and Discontents 

In this piece, we discuss our childhood growing up in the church as PKs, how that experience has shaped us into the women we are today, and how our journeys have differed.

Part 2: PKs Gone Radical – Political Education, Spiritual Formation, and Critical Consciousness

In this piece, we explore how our identities as PKs influenced our perspectives on social justice and how we developed a political and progressive ideology that informs our spiritual formation and political engagement.

Part 3: The Church We Wish We Grew Up In: Faith and Social Justice

In this piece, we discuss our active search for a theoretical and spiritual framework that engages the Church in social justice work.

Stay tuned for Part 4 where we’ll collect ideas for a blueprint for social justice work in our church.


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