Free writes on a Saturday morning

Observations about the dichotomy between two couples I see on the D train. In Brooklyn.

Couple A: Couple in their early 20s. showing signs of PDA, intertwined hands, conversing and joking a lot.
Couple B: Elderly couple, 60s? Both reading a magazine and newspaper — white haired, both have glasses. Both wearing blue jeans and a button down. Not talking, just reading but obviously relishing in each other’s company.

Back to the young couple. Both are sorta matching. Bags on the floor, sunglasses on. Him — ray bans and her  — pink aviators. They’re sipping matching Starbucks cups.

Is love so different after all? Both couples have somewhat varried expressions of ‘love’ as defined in society, but when it comes down to it, the contrast is merely age and culture. The underlying emotion still remains, right?

The love we feel at 21 and 61 may not seem the same (I can only speak for one age since I have yet to experience 61. These are only observations people). The former is a young fresh butterflies all in i’m-crazy-in-love-with-you kind of love and the latter might be built upon years of commitment and endurance and persistence.  But, at the core of it, aren’t we all pursing the same love that longs to recognize the broken humanness inside of ourselves? The kind of love that accepts us for the flaws, sharp edges, and corners we don’t want to show the world. Perhaps when we have God inside of us reflected towards the people around us & love so dearly, we have found that missing piece of the puzzle. Age is only a number and its really more about the heart and how we offer the love to others that make it a lasting relationship — whether in friendship/family/significant others.

Author’s note: I wanted to wait and post these thoughts because my last post in this series was also related to love and I didn’t want to be lame. Unfortunately I haven’t put together anything else and in order to have a more consistent schedule here, you get to hear about love again. YAY WHO DOESN”T LOVE LOVE? FYI, Word on the Street is a blog column that aims to “echo the rawness found on the street, showcasing the real in the day to day”. Among other things.


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