Cheers to New Beginnings (a life update)

I promised details about my job, didn’t I? Here is my quick update. Since this is the start to another busy (but rich rich) season — I’m updating this in lieu of Facebook mainly because Facebook is overrated and silly and sometimes I wish I didn’t need it to communicate.

Moving on, I had my first day of orientation with my program. I was accepted into an AmeriCorps program that is managed by the NYC Mayor’s Office. Long story short, the program is federally funded by AmeriCorps grant $$ and I am placed in a local NYC (“host”) organization in order to build volunteer capacity. I found out where I’ll be placed today whooo!! Although it’s more of a trek than I was hoping for, I will take what was given to me based on my skills/experience so I’m anticipating a long 10 months of challenges, but enriching growth. I’ll be in Manhattan thankfully, but quite aways from the LES where I’m accustomed to. The host organization itself is a supplemental education + youth development program. I don’t know how much direct service work I’ll be engaged with, so we shall see as I still have 3 more days of orientation with my program before I dive into the host organization. Nevertheless, I’m in my forte of working with youth, ya know. I never can escape buildling up those kids….they ARE our future as one of my mentors always reminds me.

On the personal level (wait I still have a personal life?!! -___-), I’m fully involved back at my home church in Chinatown. I got roped (other synonyms for this could be persuaded, coerced (JK), strongly encouraged) into pushing onwards the youth ministry and supporting the worship team. I mean, I did sign up for this when I decided to commit the next couple years to being at CLL. It’s work but also the kind that fills your soul … sometimes. Haha the sowing and reaping, that’s what I’m in it for. There’s some big things coming out of not just the English Ministry, but our church overall. We’ll be looking to move in the next couple months and that’s catalyzing change + moving/shaking. Which is all VERY exciting.

Basically my resting season is BYEEEEEE and here comes the beginning of the next. #getATme


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