“Word on the Street”


Corny sticks. I used to write this musing mondays column in order to have more regular schedule posts here and decided to end it with graduation. I spent all summer non-committal to this blog and finally figured an appropriate new column that would help reflection and processing of my next steps.

“Word on the Street” will be my response to the challenges, stories, people, and day-to-day interactions as I work in New York City. New York is an overwhelming place, where being rude is a norm, you always feel underdressed, taxi drivers are unforgiving, and the ‘concrete jungle where dreams are made of’ (thank you Jay-Z). It is easy for me to be dismissive of New York City, a place where I have easy access to; its groves and cracks familiar to my worn feet. I hope this column will enable me to think beyond the surface of what I see, that when I encounter injustice or inequality or oppression — even if I may not be able to act in the moment; I can process it here and walk towards action.

Even though not every post will be literally “from the street,” I picked this title because the street is raw — sometimes dirty, smelly, crowded, tiring, and exhausting. Like HONY, I hope these written snapshots can echo the rawness found on the street, showcasing the real in the day to day.


3 thoughts on ““Word on the Street”

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