Going backwards to move foward.

I’m sure there’s a quote out there how sometimes you need to take a few steps backward in order to move forward. Whatever it is — that is my life status at the moment. My friends Blane & Hannah recently published a devotional book “designed to help you restart your framework of God, life & everything”. It’s an appropriate fit to my current season as I am “restarting” afresh as I adjust to the move to my childhood home, back with childhood friends, and also the church I grew up in.

While many of the people and places are the same, the difference lies in who I am. I have changed and the difficult part that I’ve talked about in my last post is learning to stand firm on who I’ve become and not necessarily fall back into old habits or routines with people because it is easy. I have often found myself frustrated because I am easily frustrated by circumstances or people when I know I should be giving them the time to adjust to the “new me”.

On a lighter note, it IS awesome being back in the NJ/NYC area and feasting on delicious & cheap eats, getting to drive again, having my own room, and gearing up for my new job. I’ll let ya’ll know more details about the job once I find out more! It is a great opportunity because I will be getting to do development-related work in New York City. Hopefully I can rise up to the new challenges of commuting from NJ–NYC, sleeping early, having a 40 hr workweek, and also staying involved & committed at my church, CLL.


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