“Living for the Weekend”- kinda life.

When friends ask me what I have been up to in D.C., I am always racking my break to think of what interesting things I have done that past week. The reply is often ‘I work a lot” or “_________”.

The past couple months since I have graduated honestly has been slow going. I work a lot, (although my 1&1/2 job isn’t much compared to some others, *coughanna*). I hole up in my apartment a lot. I have been reading a gazillion books + blogs. Consuming a lot of knowledge, but not creating much. In terms of Art, my greatest achievement has been finishing a moleskine of sketches + typography, but that’s small compared to the MONTHS of free time I’ve had.

Other than that, I just sleep and eat a lot. Summer XA bible studies are a highlight, along with Sundays at National Community Church Georgetown.  The stark contrast between the fast-paced craziness of senior year versus the slow-going, humid days of DC summer has been hard to get used to.

I have always tried to stay away from being that person who ‘lives for the weekend” to sleep in and hang out, but there has been many weeks where I have failed in this area. Some weeks I have been able to change it up by going to a concert, visiting thrift shops in the middle of the week, and seeing a matinee movie on a weekday … but then there are weekends of holing up in my apartment.

“Living intentional in the present” is a life principle I have prided myself in doing well. Despite my crashing and burning in these strange summer months, I feel as if my head has come out of a fog and I am ready to soar and ride out these new waves that I’m coming upon. 3 weeks left in D.C. and I will cherish and not waste any second I have as a D.C. resident.


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