friends are friends forever, right?

Many of my friends have left the district for higher pastures/home/exciting adventures and the scattered few that are here … we hang out all the time.

I have also been hanging out with myself a ton. way more than i have during the semesters in college … or I have been used to.

A mentor told me when i went home last week that as I get older, I won’t care for having many friends and I will be able to hang out with the same 2-3 people all the time. I kinda rolled my eyes at her and said i know BUT right now, it’s not my thing or desire. It’s hard to have 2-3 friends when your friends are all in transition periods and flitting from one place to another OR you don’t know how long you’ll be settling in the place you’re studying/working in. So you make tons of friends and dive in and be real and try your best to have deep relationships no matter where your physical location is.

I know I can’t be best friends with all my friends forever. Some will fade and be I’ll see you when our paths collide . For others it will be 5, 10 years until our journeys come together again. And then there’s Facebook. Well, Facebook isn’t forever and one day I might shutter it to a close [gasp i know that sounds ridiculous. but nothing lasts forever]. However, for this season and as I live vicariously in my 20s, I will do my best to dig deep in friendships no matter how short-sighted they can be.  Because people are people and we have a God-given right to live and breathe and relish in being alive.

To diminish their value, I cannot do.

So I will try and try and give my all until I have no more to give.


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