musing mondays 1×9

“forty thousand three hundred and twenty minutes that i am cherishing day in and day out. it is in the daily that life is made infinite and eternal”

That was my facebook status yesterday night. I feel redundant about always talking about how ‘the end‘ is near, but it is like that elephant in the room that you just can’t stop talking about. So I’m going to talk about it some more because that is what I’m processing and mondays is when I muse about life and living [now] and [here].

Today I cheer to not looking back or forward and just here and now. My priorities are the people around me, the relationships that I am continue to thrive in and love whole-heartedly and the Mt. Everest of papers and presentations doesn’t get in the way of any of that. 

Half the battle is all in my head. Letting the stress get to me will only resolve in losing and prevent me from cherishing the little bits of life that is currently thriving around me. 


sharing meals and laughs


walking on the streets of northwest d.c. until our feet wear out


looking across the street and oh haaay the national cathedral is my neighbor


bumping into friends on the walk home 


there mere fact that i can share life and dreams and hopes and joy and tears and challenges and run towards the light together with companions who understand, listen, and remains still in each moment is extraordinary, and so so brilliant. 


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