you are a child of light, and not of fear.

it is in those moments of feeling your calling so strongly you just desperately want to run away in the completely opposite direction.

then God shows up

he whispers in your ear, “child, don’t be a Jonah. be a Noah”.

you see, the prophet Jonah knew God very intimately. HE WAS A PROPHET for goodness’ sake! but when God asked him to tell the city of Nineveh they needed to repent, he ran away because he didn’t want to save the people of Nineveh. they didn’t deserve to know God’s glory or be saved. so he made a decision and that was to disobey. although my crossroads is not so extreme,  my heart is at the same place as Jonah’s. but i cannot stay in that place because “christ introduced [me] to God’s undeserved kindness on which [i] take [my] stand” { romans 5:2 }. therefore i must move onward and reflect the position Noah stood in, day in and day out… for ONE. HUNDRED. YEARS { genesis chapter 6 }. i will be a Noah and wait and persevere even when circumstances and people seem dumb and i look foolish.

i am not deserving or worthy of my calling. but i am made whole again and freed by a Savior who died for the sake of the world. so who am i,to say that others are undeserving of that same redemption. who am i to be angry at what others are not doing. my calling is to stand and persevere in the things God has given me to do, and not point fingers towards what others are not doing.

i cannot let the spirit of fear overcome my calling [brett fuller, xawr’13 session iii].

spirit of fear overcome

my calling is not  about me. my calling points to the hand that has called me to walk upon the waters where uncertainty lies and recognize the source.  training and intellect will only bring me so far but victory comes when i am on my knees.


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