c h o o s e joy

i choose a lifestyle that wrestles with the dark and depravity that is life,
and in the overflow breathes a light that goes beyond wandering hearts and restless souls.
this place i am in is no different from the next, but with every beat,
my heart says yes to remaining in joy.
i run and run and run, but the end seems no closer, only further away from my grasp.
the seasons rise and fall, and i keep running homeward.
people come and go, i roam from city to city, unable to stay in one place for too long
joy is my most constant and true companion.
c h o o s e  j o y

she loves deeply, spreads her wings and covers all of you
joy sees you in the heartache, the sorrow grief, rage, bitterness, and the monster you try to push inside
joy tells you the story of hope and brings you to a place where you are safe and loved
joy reminds your soul that there is more to you that you see
&  you are worth it all.

c h o o s e  j o y
and you will find rest


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