musing mondays 1×5

as i lay on my couch complaining that this blog post has zero words, kevin throws this question over at me “what brings you joy this week”?

pure joy comes in ebbs and flows. sometimes it looks one way — breath-taking landscapes, and sometimes it looks another — laughter and hanging out with friends. it can be the joy in seeing a friend overcome a long-term struggle, or the mere realization that there is a roof over my head and food in my fridge. in every circumstance, joy is always beautiful .

joy this week has been hearing the rhythms and melodies drum through my ear. i see the life and soul play out in front of my eyes. expressed through guitars and speakers and ukuleles and drumbeats and piano, and delicate voices. strong voices. powerful words. soft words. words that cut. words that speak. words that tell stories. words that transcend differences. voices and instruments coming together in harmony. songs that speak to emotions that i didn’t even know i had inside of me.

i have realized that joy is incredibly painful. it is soul-wrenching and tiring. it takes so much out of you. it pushes limits and stretches the everyday actions. but this joy is also life-giving and so worth it. as everything i am is swept up by joy, i am filled again and again by everlasting love from my Father. as my heart shakes and aches with the pain that comes hand in hand with joy, i am refreshed by His love. the shoulders i can lean on, the hands that lift me up. the hearts that ache alongside mine.

i am bound to joy everyday. but joy also frees me to love endlessly.

musing mondays is a column dedicated to joy. no matter the circumstances, the challenges, and the tribulations of a week — this column can be something i will look back towards and remember to zoom out & think about the bigger picture. that challenges are only momentary and joy will come in the morning.


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