// hope is alive

the days & nights tumble into one another traveling at the speed of light. i grasp and reach and yearn to reach the end but i only get a glimpse of the light. the light at the end of the dark. will it be soon? will it be now? i’m tired, and weary, and my feet are worn to the soles.

i’ve been listening to this song on repeat since i downloaded Tim Be Told‘s free songs on Noisetrade.  it’s just one of those songs that speaks to the core of your soul. at least to mine. it reminds me everyday that even though life is SO hard and downright awful —- the world is also not devoid of beauty and hope because there’s a God that makes hope alive. it’s easy to say that Christians are idealistic & naive to think that believing in God will help them through their struggles, and it’s too good to be true. maybe i can be a little idealistic at times but in no way is my faith in God an idealistic thing. it is a conscious decision to walk this hard-worn path that isn’t easy at all.  trying to live joyfully and with hope everyday can be pretty damn hard. so hard! some days you wake up and you just want to scream and be angry at the world.

but my heart is in a much better place when it remains in God’s love for me and that gives me purpose to live, to dream, to hope, to know that things will be alright. not because they are necessarily better, but because there is a God who loves and cares for YOU. he knows all the hairs on your head and cares about your hopes and dreams. he wants you for you and not what you’ve accomplished or failed at , or your past and anything else. Y – O – U.

so what else can i proclaim except hold tight it will be alright / reach for the light at the edge of the dark ? 



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