musing mondays 1×3

this post is dedicated to my friend sgmilz, because she is valuable and worth knowing. she loves people and wears great glasses. she is [ghetto-fab] and taught me tons on how to live life when i lived with her for one semester. she is the reason why i love switchfoot’s vice-verses b/c she made me listen to it in sept 2011 when it first came out.

i’m working on immersing into all-out friendships in the next three months before may 2013 — whether they’re “old” friendships, strong friendships, acquaintances that i want to turn into friendships, friendships that have fallen to the wayside of life, or friendships that i have made in the past half year. i realize more and more that there is no such thing as “waiting until later to work on my relationships”. it is either now or you lose that opportunity and have to hope that your paths will cross sometime in the ‘future’. but what if your paths don’t cross later on?

my principle that life happens now, and it’s here where relationships happen. whether “here” means that quick email of how are you and ACTUALLY talking about what’s going on; or sending spam texts of ‘iruvyou’ or stalking i mean caring for them via Twitter; or responding to messages with more than a “i am doing fine how are chuuuu” … i am gonna do it now because time has an engine of its own and it will just go and go and go.

it’s not going to stop for me so i won’t let time stop me from having meaningful relationships.


musing mondays is a column dedicated to joy. no matter the circumstances, the challenges, and the tribulations of a week — this column can be something i will look back towards and remember to zoom out & think about the bigger picture. that challenges are only momentary and joy will come in the morning.


One thought on “musing mondays 1×3

  1. “… i am gonna do it now because time has an engine of its own and it will just go and go and go.”

    i love this imagery.
    i love you, symphony.

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