musing mondays 1×1

the start of a week means time for new beginnings, the weekend and stress of the previous week put behind. a chance for a do-over and a stride towards productivity. day one of the week can also be stressful, the weight of the many tasks bearing on your mind and task-list. the impossibility of how many assignments and projects that are due. all the people to meet, all the meetings to attend, and the sleep we won’t get.

musing mondays is a column dedicated to joy. no matter the circumstances, the challenges, and the tribulations of a week — this column can be something i will look back towards and remember to zoom out & think about the bigger picture. that challenges are only momentary and joy will come in the morning.

so here we go. cheers to

  • epic music [ philip glass | the  cinematic orchestra ]
  • valentines making
  • letter writing
  • coffee drinking
  • purple cupcakes
  • discipleship
  • being swiped into TDR
  • breaking in new boots
  • seeing friends
  • going to campus before 5:30 for once and not having to go to class
  • two cups of coffee
  • a sister who is on the same wavelength
  • the privilege to learn at a prestigious academic institution
  • time to dive into intentional relationships

x-es and o-s


7 thoughts on “musing mondays 1×1

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