an ode to stress.

we work and we work
but to what end?
why slave away for a twothousand word count of juxtaposition, BS, and nonsensical words?
analysis and critical thought
five hundred pages of finance laws, taxes, and endless numbers
working a 9-5 job/going to school/and president of the _____ club…
…all at the same time

w h a t  i s  o u r   e n d  g o a l  ?

is it worth
the stress. late nights. lost friendships. unhealthy eating habits …
there are many end goal possibilities but they all lead back to the one.

if your value is in the work
{ your products, the test scores you get, papers written }
then the stress of failure will suffocate your soul.
if you instead place value in honoring the process / on thriving and not surviving* / maybe,

just maybe the final product
can look hopeful
and not a life that dries up
but flourishes and rises up like the one flower blooming on the mountainside

*yes i  did just quote our fav band
**this poem is in response to a friend’s question: ‘why is studying in the united states so stressful?!!’

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