welcome to the end of [welcomeweek]

hard to believe that i have moved into my new apartment since august22. that’s a lot of days. albeit i went home last weekend for Rootsios, but stuff down here in D.C. has been action-PACKED. everyone asks why i have to return to American University so early and i wanted to give a recap for those not familiar with the stuff that’s been poppin’ these couple of weeks.

basically, i’m involved with american university chi alpha campus ministries, a community of students committed to each other & Jesus. i have dug up a blog entry i wrote in 2010 about my feelings about XA (not a frat or sorority!) and it’s so beautiful to see that the people and situations might have changed, but the core of our community remains the same.

when followers commune together daily — the breaking of bread and PRAYER, then acts two church happens? my personal experience with it is limited but joyous. chialpha might just be the closest for me in my nineteen years of existence. we may not meet daily, but wow the unlimited desire to strive after the Word and His plans is everywhere. we are so far from perfect, but we don’t deny the brokenness within us. and then, we embrace each other’s struggles and brokenness. not a perfect community, but one rooted in the spirit.

here’s the rundown on welcomeweek in my perspective:
impromptu dance parties on the Quad. playing bingo. serving with beautiful sisters. lots of red chi alpha solo cups. scrabble and apples to apples — board games galore! LOTS of conversations. learn baseball game. a scavenger hunt with the nation’s monuments. learning that we all have stories. introducing myself as a senior. late nights, early mornings. immersing in prayer. developing relationships….and so much more.

school has started but the fervor & mentality that drives us during welcome week doesn’t have to end quite yet. living intentionally, going out of your way to give and help others, connecting with a joyful spirit? those are just some ways to build a corner of God’s kingdom.

i am so very amped to see what God’s going to do with our community in a small university in northwest d.c.


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