writer’s block has hit me //
or maybe the desire to share life has disappeared
too much free time has allowed my mind to think,
and not want to think because thinking gets too hard /
hard because i’m resigned & tired
of reading
of hearing
about the anger and hate running through people,
their bitterness and uncompromising opinions —
where the internet is used as a battlefield
citizens striking blow after blow at fellow humans because they have anonymity to shield them /
it is hard thinking about
people without homes, whether they be
immigrant, alien, army veteran, runaway child, or a being at his wit’s end /
when children’s bellies are full but
hearts unfed,
when trashy media dominates us from day 1 from the womb,
our minds un-tuned to questioning and challenging /

from power to glory
from honor to power
from prestige to pride
we rise and fall
we fall and rise


there is more
there must be so much more


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