a summer to be grounded

whenever people ask me “what are you doing this summer,” i have a hard time explaining what i actually am *doing* for the next 3 months. to make things easier for people to comprehend, i just say that i’m “not working and just chillin'”. which IS true, but it doesn’t do justice to all the things i am planning to do in the last summer before i graduate college. society easily measures our accomplishments by career and education, and that is just BS. i don’t think the things i am doing this summer is no less meaningful than an internship at a bank or that prestigious institution or even a plain ol’job at h&m. just because i am not making money doesn’t mean i’m wasting my time being *lazy*.

this new york times article is shared on my facebook explains it pretty well.

But the clinching argument came from my daughter’s impassioned defense of camp counselors, and her outrage that someone glancing at résumés would believe that a 20-year-old who fetches coffee at Google is more impressive than one who spends days and nights nurturing, teaching, organizing, comforting and inspiring.

this is by no means a post to “justify” what I’m doing this summer, but merely a further elaboration to my lazy answers to your curious inquires into my life. so without further adieu, here is a condensed list of what i’m doing this summer (by no means exhaustive — i’ve included room for spontaneity!):

  1. teaching a class at LTS (Leadership Training School), which is the ‘summer school’ version of Jubikidz Children’s Ministry  at my church (CLL)
  2. continue my tenure as editor of the Jubikidz blog
  3. mentor youth from CLL
  4. learn how to sew from my awesome mom
  5. spend time with my family & develop a deeper relationship with them
  6. help my mom clean my house and make it more comfortable to live in
  7. read read read & read more (including, but not limited to fantasy novels, faith-related books, fashion/food/crafts blogs … and much more)
  8. create & open an Etsy shop with my sister
  9. go on a short-term mission as camp counselor with CCHC during July 21-27 (support me! i will be sending a letter out soon…)
  10. do LOTS and LOTS of artsy things and push my creativity
  11. learn what it means to live healthily & develop a workout routine (thank you pop pilates!)
  12. SUN & BEACH
  13. trip to Boston

… there are more things, of course but the summer has only begun and I have already done SO much! 🙂


3 thoughts on “a summer to be grounded

  1. Great to hear! And I totally agree with this: “just because i am not making money doesn’t mean i’m wasting my time being *lazy*” Tell that to everyone who thinks stay-at-home-moms are sitting around eating bonbons all day!! Or to those who think that when teachers are on summer ‘break’ that we’re taking elaborate vacations to the Swiss Alps! T__T (Those kind of ppl really piss me off.
    Speaking of reading, have you read the Nicholas Flamel series? I want to know if it’s worth picking up.

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