one season ends, but another one is right around the corner

a note about grace
time comes and goes,
it rises and falls,
but grace stays the same
it perseveres, it brings hope,
its face never changes //

if you read my microblog or talked to me in the past 24 hours, you’ve probably been seeing/heard some intense emotions and excitement for this summer. i have truly learned this past year what it means to surrender something over to God and having Him taking care of everything and me just stepping into the places He’s set for me. that does not mean that the road is easy or the burden light, but it merely gives direction and purpose to life, and living. in a way it is that cliche carpe diem phrase (NOT yolo) in making the most out of circumstance and walking in His way and not mine.

i just want to skip past this last final and go straight into summer but it doesn’t work like that. i still have four days to live in the present and make the most out of washington d.c. and all the glorious life there is to live here.

so here’s to closed doors and open windows, to closing out an amazing spring and journeying into bright blue summer days.

// hope is here & she sings with joy! // 


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