newest obession: making smoothies

i’m going to take a break from all the serious stuff i’ve been blogging about and talk about another love of mine. food! pintrest & tumblr have their purposes besides procrastination and also encourages me to eat healthier (sometimes). i’ve been obsessed with making smoothies (courtesy of sheena yoon’s mini-blender). after craving serendipity’s frozen hot chocolate for the past 3 days; i decided to find a healthy alternative to my chocolate craving — since i also didn’t have any chocolate in the house.

discovered this Chocolate Banana Smoothie Recipe and this Chocolate Banana Smoothie via Google, and combined components of both and WA LA. i have a pretty fantastic recipe designed to wow my tastebuds.

1 banana
2 ice cubes
1/4 cup chopped almonds
1/4 cup cocoa powder (used Godiva brand, but not b/c i’m fancy. just cuz that’s what i had)
1 tbs maple syrup
1 cup milk
(optional) frozen strawberries

BLEND EVERYTHING TOGETHER. I usually put the liquid ingredients in last, but that’s what I prefer. Also, one of the recipes called for a frozen banana which I didn’t have, but I’ve just put some in the freezer so this is a continuously WIP!  Then, test your creation!


2 thoughts on “newest obession: making smoothies

  1. If you leave out the milk and the icecubes, and blend the rest together, you have a non-dairy icecream 🙂 provided you freeze the banana first!

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