gettin’ it together

I gotta get it together because I gotta put on that perfect act on.
I gotta get it together because there are PEOPLE COUNTING ON ME!!!
I gotta get it together because I can’t let my family down.
I gotta get it together because if I don’t get a grip on reality, WHO IS?

are you feelin’ me? are you? are you REALLY? lemme tell you about getting it together because i sure got “getting it together” down pat, and mhhm, been there done THAT. pastor’s kid, i got ALLL the rights. oh why yes i’m good at keeping face and sayin the right things to them nice old ladies there even when they don’t know my name.  doin all the work when other people are slackin’ off, i don’t even have to be asked to clean up messes and problems. i got it all together. 

now friends, let me serious for a second and contemplate on this subject.

who. really. has got it together?

i’m surprised you haven’t exited this page or told shuddup to the computer because i was so blatantly lying by telling you that i’ve got it together. pastor’s kid, i have all the rights to tell you that i’m actually so messed up that you actually might puke at the  disgusting mess inside of me. (but really). i am no different from any one of you out there. want my list of dirty laundry? i’ve lied and disrespected my parents; lusted; cheated on tests; talked behind people’s backs; broke promises; betrayed secrets; and more and more and MORE.


but i’m not going to do that!  let me teell you who has actuallygot it together. it’s definitely not me. it’s not you either. its not my parents, or the church elders, or what’s-his-face-mark-driscoll-pastor-of-that-megachurch(?) ….

i’m actually trolling you. right. now. i’m going to say it straight and clear. God’s the only one who’s got it together. and that is all there is to say about this topic (until part 2, when i actually go into detail on why God’s the only one who’s got it together and why that even matters to pathetic human beings like you & i).


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