christ in you, hope of glory

there are so many thoughts running through my head. this spring break has been one of intentional-ity. of knowing, that great things are to manifest in the short break between work, stress, and school. i wake up each morning praying, breathing life into the community around me, in their different places and season — in the valleys and mountains that God has brought them to — believing that there is change apparent & intertwined in their lives.

as i journaled this morning, i flipped to some words i wrote when i spent hours in the prayer room during winter retreat:

groanings & moanings
Let us claim what you have already said victory over.
It is DONE
You are. You will.
Redeemer. Savior

i guess it’s happening. claim that ground, my brothers & sisters because YOU are carrying His triumphant banner at your side. Only glory awaits.


One thought on “christ in you, hope of glory

  1. symphony, i needed to hear this / read this/ soak it in and let these words wash over me right now. you’re right, “let us claim what you have already said victory over.”
    thank you for remaining steadfast, for praying, for pleading, for giving glory, for always hoping. you are a blessing.
    love, mere

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