imma h8er

“they,” society. calls me a judgmental hypocritical Christian that proselytizes in the faces of non-believers worldwide
“they.” name me ignorant, selfish, and stuck up in religiosity
oh those Christians,” they jeer, “pro-life Republican voting conservatives who are always protesting this and that“.
or there’s the other label — “look at  those Christians, thinking they can save the world. who gives them that right”.

to a point, i speak in exaggerated stereotypes and labels that others have said about Christians. but really? who says Christians don’t label other Christians in the same way? because i have done it. i don’t want to speak for anyone else, but when it comes down to it … i can be the biggest Christian h8er out there. embarrassed by my own. but to what purpose? what right do i have in condemning others’ actions? shouldn’t i be doing that whole perfect-Christian-act-that’s-not-really-perfect-but-i’m-pretending-anyways?

my questions are rhetorical but my final statement remains the same: imma h8er.

I KNOW ever so clearly that judgement runs through my veins, jealousy courses in my blood, envy blinds my eyes, lust fills my brain. and the list goes on. I am full of all that. label ME society, but before you walk away in disgust I only have one request. take a second look at me. take a look at my broken and torn soul, the blackness that covers my personality .. the pieces I lay in. take a close look because if you don’t, you’ll miss the moment when strong arms come to lift my wrecked body from the hard place called life. light pours in and shines through, cracks open the darkness like the sun’s rays in the early morning.

yes, imma h8er, sinner, broken and weary … full of everything disgusting and horrible but when there’s a second glance? no, we’ve really got it all wrong. why are you looking at ME in the first place. me? you’re right. i’m not important or worth your time. truly, it’s never about me. it’s about Him. the Jesus guy. the one who’s kinda a big deal because He’s able to find beauty even in a broken world. or broken souls like ours.

 life’s bigger than me. or who i am. or that i do the hatin’ thing sometimes. life was created so everything points back to the Creator. so His glory could be revealed e’rrrdayALLday. and sometimes …. that Glory is manifested through a h8er like me.


2 thoughts on “imma h8er

  1. This post is so good – def made me think about who i am within the christian community and who i’d like to be.

    • oh identity issues. what i didn’t include in the post was how i love hating sometimes…..but that’s a story for another time bahaha. i miss you kwok kee sabrina ip!

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