A XAWR’12 Reflection

chi alpha winter retreat – february 3-5, 2o12

Many adjectives float in my mind to describe what this weekend has been like, but instead, a noun keeps reappearing in my mind as the main theme for retreat. According to the handy Merriam-Webster folks,

intercession is “prayer, petition, or entreaty in favor of another”

I often pray to God the “break my heart for what breaks yours” prayer, but only until this weekend have I fully said yes to the yes, to REALLY allow God to give me a glimpse of the pain & suffering He endures every time we break His heart. To say “yes” to God in allowing Him to work completely in me without getting distracted, going off to do my own thing, or even trying to control my faith.

This weekend, I said “yes Lord, I am no longer running away from responsibility. I am no longer running away from standing firm in the gap — the call of standing rock bottom, holding onto Your presence in the midst of impossible has completely drawn me in. There is nothing else I rather do”.

Of course, a few paragraphs is not sufficient to describe the circumstances and experiences that occurred over the course of a little under 36 hours, but in order to be open, honest, and vulnerable with those around me, I am trying to put the crux of all this into a blog. I wouldn’t call this weekend a “mountaintop experience,” but a pinnacle in a series of events that happened over the course of a couple years. For me, I am finally closing a long chapter in my life, one that started around high school and finally is over. This weekend helped push me into a new season of life, one of radical living and learning how to stand.

As our speaker talked about Deborah-style intercession on a Sunday morning, she talked about the difference between standing, walking, and running. Standing actually requires more muscle than you realize, so physically standing is not easy. When we bring it back to the Bible, the word “stand” appears more than 60 times. Jesus’ first appearance in public was to STAND up in the temple and read the prophecy the prophet Isaiah wrote about the coming of Jesus (Luke 4:16)

“to STAND is the underestimated posture of warfare. to STAND is to speak the Word of God into our generation”

In response to this, I wrote in my journal these words:

                    STOP WHINING.

                    IT’S TIME TO STAND UP.



there you have it. i am taking the call to intercede in the community i’m in —  chi alpha, american university, the people i hang out with, the peers in my class, the church from back home, and the world we live in. for nothing is impossible with our God {Luke1:37}


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