day 25 of 2012

cross-posting this from my 365 project because this is what’s on my heart & i wanted to share it with those who read my blog over here. (and don’t read my x9999 blogs!)


it’s no longer about expectations for what is to come. good-bye to that. i’m looking forward to this moment, right now.

carpe diem at its find. live life to its fullest.

go. do. be.

So never worry about tomorrow, because tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own — Matthew 6:24

i talk so much about living and thriving on this blog and in my journal. but it’s real. i’m keepin’ it real here. i’m not just immersing myself in busyness so i can talk and flaunt how awesome i am at multi-tasking and being all this responsible hot-shot or something. because if i was doing all this on my own strength, i would just be a puddle of nothingness on my floor right now, crying my eyes out.

or like, how was i able to get past breaking up with my ex last semester and taking the rest of my life into stride? not my own strength for sure. because in Him I am made new, restored and whole again. there’s no fear or worry or intimidation. of course i had to process everything that happened, but now i live in no regrets.

there’s no more “looking back into the past” because i only have ONE life to live. and that’s this life now. so in this season of life, i’m learning to embrace the challenges thrown at me and to risk it all, not looking back but going forward because i know i’m walking in the path that God has set for me.


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