a journey

there are so many thoughts in my head right now
i can’t pick or choose which ones to express
so here is a freeverse poem
here it goes !

life is a big fat journey
where i walk on this narrow road
towards a shining light
sometimes i’m crawling in the dark,
or jumping from cliff to cliff.
there are times when the mountain is so steep that i want to jump off into the abyss
or sometimes i just
pass out right there on the path

or off the path i wander
into rabbit holes
and dark doorways disguised as rainbows & sunshine

but sometime, some way
i stumble back onto the narrow road
and trudge on

because there’s that itch in me to reach the light
the light motivates me
that walking this road?
i’m not just walking it
i’m THRIVING on in
living vivaciously as i
leap / jump / soar

in this season of life,
i am SOARING through clouds
fearless through storms
and finding green pastures
among the rocky trail.



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