here’s to some christmas cheer

t’was the night before Christmas
& all was still in parsippany, new jersey
stumbling upon the chau household
a peaceful aura settled upon the four there

i think this has been the best christmas eve so far. i was wrapping presents & writing last minute cards just before, and it just felt SO GOOD. it wasn’t like my presents were exceptionally wonderful or expensive and all of that stuff. but writing cards (it’s sorta like affirmations) just reminded me of how blessed i am, and how beautiful it is to say words of encouragement and thanksgiving to the ones i truly love and cherish. maybe this is me being all sentimental and mushy, but i really believe in the gifts of the heart over any pricey gift that has moneys written all over it. i must have inherited this philosophy from dear mother.

not only does she always give with physical gifts, but with thoughts – phone calls – birthdays – holidays, she always remembers everyone, from family to friends and especially to the least of those. with gift giving, i aspire to be like her. it’s never about the content or the price tag of the gift, but ALWAYS about the intention & meaning behind the gift. knowing that someone went out of their way to choose something especially for you (well let’s hope they did that hehe..), now that is precious isn’t it?

merry christmas or hannakuh, or whatever you celebrate ♥


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