a #clublibs guide

disclaimer: this blog post is not representative of my real life. rephrase. this blog post definitely does not reflect how studying functions in my life. it’s part-satire/part-analysis of an incredulous phenomenon that not only exists at American University, but prevalent over college campuses everywhere. (original post here)

let me start off with a definition

#clublibs: a glorious place where one enters a labyrinth of procrastination. endless Facebooking/Tweeting/Tumblring happens. Hulu, Netflix, the illegal streaming website you’re not supposed to be on. anything and everything happens. except the reason you’re in the library in the first place.

this blog post serves as an informative guide for the #clublibs noobs, those scared of #clublibs, and those trying to deny the existence of #clublibs.

debunking the myths:

(false) “#clublibs does not work”brookewilliams
(correction) well, all you have to do is switch over to #libsnotclublibs and work will get done.

(false) you cannot sleep in #clublibs
(correction) see: asianssleepinginthelibrary. point in fact, the asians populace has really taken this truth to heart. just walk into #clublibs at around two am and you’re bound to find an asian sleeping on a couch, chair(s), desk, etc.

(false) friendships cannot establish in #clublibs
(correction) i won’t speak for others (sglmieanza), but personally some of my best friendships have been birthed in the library, especially the basement. there’s just a special camaraderie people build after spending the wee hours together loling at pictures of cute dogs (or ferrets, or cats, or any small baby animal) and the like.

(false) you have to look nice in case you encounter THAT studious cute guy/girl
(correction) HELLO. WHAT IS THIS? #datinglibs?! i’m sorry to be the one breaking it to you, but that ain’t happening. most likely, the cutie has a ten page paper due at 8AM tomorrow, so say bye-bye to all your chance of flirting. #priorities! therefore, DRESS in the COMFY. flannel is good (if you don’t love flannel, nhill shares the love with you). SWEATPANTS. GLASSES. HIGH PONY. fliperfloppers!


there are many other myths about #clublibs. maybe if there’s a great enough interest, i’ll do a follow up post. like .. “a #libsnotclublibs guide”.

I shall close with some extra tidbits about #clublibs that you might not know about.

– the technology services desk (aka the basement) rents many things. Not limited to: headphones, mac presentation connector, dell laptops, macs (props to you if you score one), laptop locks …
– mudbox official close time is 2am, but get there at 1:45 because they close early sometimes. if anything, starbucks on new mexico opens at 6am (IR research is why i know this)
– if you get into the graduate study lounge (located between SIS and Bender basement) before 8pm, ITS AWESOME
– children’s libs/3rd floor = alternative study place OR back stairwell
– don’t sit near the bathrooms. it’s just #awkwardlife hearing all the toilet flushing action that goes down


in all seriousness, don’t take this too seriously. it’s finals week. breathe some #clublibs not because you’re stressed, but you need a de-stresser. if you really need to get work done, go somewhere you KNOW you can productive at. and no, it’s not yo’ bed.

for more study tips: see my #clublibbuddies’ blog posts { mbd } { nacho }


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