unconditional grace

Joy Eggerichs: Radical and Unconditional from PEOPLE OF THE SECOND CHANCE on Vimeo.

” when do we stop? when do you get enough grace? sure it’s easy to show someone love, it’s easy to show them respect. the reality of it that most of experience pain and hurt and when we experienced pain and hurt those things go out the window. and it’s in the midst of pain that faith takes place. so if you were a Christ follower and you follow scripture, then you will believe that you have the power to not only show radical grace and unconditional love and respect, then you will believe that it can empower you. and it will empower those people who are receiving it because they don’t deserve it, and they know they don’t deserve it “

grace: χάρις / charis (khar’-ece) – Greek

non-meritorious or unearned favor, an unearned gift, a favor or blessings bestowed as a gift, freely and never as merit for work performed


I watched this video on a whim from a blog i follow, people of the second chance. Their emphasis is being “a global community of activists, imperfectionists and second chancers committed to unleashing radical grace everyday, in every moment, for everyone”.

I have to admit, at one point in the past two/three years, I thought I had it all together. I thought I had grace down. I thought I was above being petty and immature. I thought forgiveness came easily (post-angsty teenage time), that I could just forgive others no matter how horrible they treated me and such.

But through some recent experiences (and as I continue to learn now), I have come to realize that it’s not just forgiveness. It’s that charis stuff. Grace is more than forgiveness. When it comes down to it, like Joy says, grace is going beyond forgiving someone, but offering them a second, third, fourth chance despite all the wrong they’ve done upon you. Saying it all macho-I-can-do-it mentality is one thing. In reality? It’s SOOOO rough. It gets so rough to that point where you start thinking, “grace? HECK NO! they don’t deserve it! they’re so messed up. my grace?  It’s wasted on them”. Yeah, not so pretty at all, simply loads of messiness and humbling. But you see, that guy I follow. Jesus? He never thinks that about me. Nope, not even when I’m ignoring Him, going the wrong way on purpose, turning away from Him, not acknowledging Him, all of that. Worse actions than the person who hurt me.

So tell me. Who “deserves” more grace? Me, or that person who hurt me?

To be honest. I don’t know the right answer, my theology isn’t solid enough. But from my limited knowledge my answer would be none of the above. Time and time again, Jesus goes to show his disciples and all of us that He loves the weak, the poor, the dirty scum that the rest of the earth won’t touch. And me? I am that dirty scum. Sinful. Hurting towards others. But the great thing is that He loves me. No matter what. Despite ALL ODDS, I am loved.

We are weak but He is strong.
Through our weakness His glory is revealed.

So here I am. Arms wide open. Grace pouring, overflowing.
Because if it’s not grace that I extend, what else could I possibly offer?


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