part 2 – truth

what is life that goes on forever? what are dreams, sleeping or awake? what
is CREATION? is it NEW or ANCIENT? what is history, or truth? is truth just now
or has it always BEEN. who knows TRUTH? who knows glory?

who knows sorrow will know pain, and pain knows suffering. But sorrow, pain, and suffering
also know JOY and TRUE HAPPINESS, a delight and wonder. Truth knows no
gray, or black and white. Truth knows compassion, justice. Truth penetrates,
refines, is incorruptible.

{ part 1 }


2 thoughts on “part 2 – truth

  1. this is beautiful, and these are questions that keep me up at night and keep my mind wandering during the day. these are questions worth asking but never knowing.
    bottom line: truth does penetrate. truth does refine, truth is incorruptible. you are right, my friend. thanks for speaking that out… i needed it.

    • i wrote this poem set during dive deep last semester. it’s edited a bit, but yeah. the inspiration is ALL from God. the spirit really challenges us to ask those tough questions. there isn’t always an answer, just trust in God 🙂 glad you’re riding this journey with me, sister.

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