being alive

I recently guest-blogged for my fellowship’s blog. It’s basically a follow up from my last post here about life being more than “this”.

Here’s the poem that the sermon inspired me to write.

“Imagine the possibilities of being alive in Christ.”

Why are you settling for less? Are you scared? I am scared. I know I can do more but … what if things get messy? What if I have to say something that I feel uncomfortable doing? What if I have to put myself out there and be that person who goes against the crowd even though there’s no one on my side? What if I have to friend those who hurt me? Who am I to do all these tasks?

Who are you? Who am I?

I don’t know who you are, but I do know who I am.
I am still an infant
Worried, by anxieties
& my thoughts,
away from Him.
Persuaded by the
fame. power. coolness.
material things.
but He Came.
Rescued me from
myself. my sins. my pains.

Regrets turned to
hope in the one who
never again separated.
My weaknesses to
His glory
in His freedom I will live,
I offer devotion.

read the entire post here


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