Here’s the follow-up to my last “advertisement” entry. Beach retreat happened. And it was pretty amazing.

I would like to start this off with a quote from my awesum friend (bethanytwrites).

That afternoon I sat on the beach reading my Bible and contemplating my return to “the real world.” I realized I was excited to get back to D.C. Because this is where the change happens. All of the good things that I know can come of God working in my life have to be applied here, not in a beach house in Virginia.

and thus, my take-aways from this weekend.

ONE. just because i know my calling doesn’t mean it is the end & be all. God doesn’t work that way.
TWO. without personal character development; knowing my calling won’t amount to anything.
THREE. live in the NOW. I tell myself that all the time, but from all angles that message is calling to me. I need to stop living for what is to come and work on the NOW. because without NOW, the future isn’t feasible the way God planned it for me.

and here is a free-verse poem wrap it up.

beauty found in everything
sunsets. beach houses. interior decor.
people. laughter. girl bonding.
it’s so easy,
how we become the body.
it’s easy
to love. to listen. to crave and hunger.
for earthly food cannot satisfy
but the spiritual nourishment sates even the most thirsty
words become a message. TRUTH.
falls onto our ears, into our hearts.
first truth: COMMUNITY.
second truth: CALLING
third truth: CHARACTER
sand. waves. water.
running freely in the dark,
burdens lifted as
feet pound the gritty sand
voices shouting
arms stretched out.


6 thoughts on “#XABR11 A REFLECTION

  1. wowwww symph. i seriously love that poem. you gotta stop writing them, because the next open mic night might become the symphony chau show!! 😛 (jk. keep writing. forever and always.)

    • LOL. symphony chau shows sounds great ! i think you gotta revise the title of openmic! 😀 but i’m SO excited for all this to come. Processing & LIVING.

  2. “voices shouting
    arms stretched out.

    beautiful. i love this. i’m thankful for friends in my life that base their lives around character, and community, and callings. let’s live in the now, together, one day at a time. keep me accountable! love you, symphony chau.

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