in lieu of all these awesome blog posts i’m reading on my greader, i’m going to share them all here. also, i’m back to my regular scheduled programming, since blogs are usually inspired by those late nights, haha. i will be doing a summer recap soon…

the more serious stuff

The world’s most dangerous countries for women (World Vision Blog)

LONDON (TrustLaw) – From rape and domestic violence to lack of healthcare and education, millions of women experience daily peril, but nowhere more than in the five countries a TrustLaw expert poll identifies as the world’s most dangerous countries to be female in 2011: Afghanistan, Democratic Republic of Congo, Pakistan, India and Somalia.

Always in the Fight (People of Second Chance)

“In boxing, you don’t have to win every round to win the fight.”

I was in total awe after hearing that statement. I had judged the whole fight based on the end of the final round. And then I thought of God, and how he judges.

and after the fire came a gentle whisper (A Deeper Story)

God is all around us. He is jumping up and down. He is throwing His in the air, shouting your name to get your attention. He is competing with all the noise filling up our world. How can we expect to hear from God when our lives are so cluttered with things that are not of God? We are busy with television, cell phones, and music; the Internet, friends, and the opinions of others. And if our lives are filled with this noise, that’s precisely where we would start expecting God to show up.

For the silence has grown uncomfortable.

Why So Many Can’t Find the One (Relevant Magazine)

the not so serious

A Colorful Installation (Design for Mankind)

Shell (Short Film)  (Wong Fu Productions Blog)

Exploded Flowers: Disassembling the Nature (Design Swan)

When I was Dead.Creatively Speaking. (Savannah J. Foley)

Honestly, I felt dead inside, creatively speaking. I was giving 110% at my day job, and every spare moment was spent with the man I was in love with. It was only when I couldn’t see him that I had ‘down time’, and I don’t have the faintest idea what I did with it. Certainly not writing.

and that is all.
until the next post.


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