sniffle saturday

waiting for my tea to cool down so i won’t gulp it all down & burn my throat.

but wow, i think topping my list of things that suck about college is no mother to mother you. what i would give for my mom to ask ‘what’s wrong’ and i can have all the space to whine incessantly. but i guess i have to suspend that until friday to do … napped from 9-12, and going back to sleep soon. going to still try to wake up at 8:30 for church because i already missed last week cuz i was, once again, SATURDAY FREAKIN SNIFFLES. i’m seriously so surprised i’m using a different tissue box right now.

today was a productive day thou, albeit not going out or anything. put in 2 sketches with borrowed tools from mbd, read the rest of hinduism chapter. just gottaa do more chinese studyin & cross-cultural readin (i’m not ready for you mister hall).


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