inspired by dance

i think after obama’s 08 campaign, people generally can be a bit jaded about the concept of ‘change.’  can’t remember where i heard it from, maybe church, but someone (manni?) in a conversation was telling me that as you get older (aka 30+), wanting change is difficult because we’re already set in our mindsets. you get more opinionated and stubborn because you think you’re right about ___, ___, & ___.

true or not, the other thing she mentioned was young people being awesome catalysts for change because we think we can conquer the world, that challenges are nothing. it makes sense since when you’re young you aren’t weighed down by experiences & failures as much as if you’re say, 35 or 40.

so i am what, only nineteen? and i see it already. in two conversations this week, the idea of “being an adult & the need to make decisions for myself” came up, and no, it ain’t easy at all. but the reason why i crossed paths with change was a late afternoon of watching dance videos from Movement Lifestyle and ending up at this one video of this guy dancing to LMFAO’s La La La. The video wasn’t like superrr crazy or supposed to be inspirational, just a dance video. But for some reason, it  made me all emotional. This guy, Bryan Subjiano’s 20 and he’s done so much … and he’s just starting. His opportunities are endless and he’s not afraid to run with it.

how about me? why am i always worried and being held down by life? why can’t i just run with my passions and go, do, and create, inspire while i’m at my peak? when i’m not fazed by life (yet) and i have the world in my reach. to stop thinking low of myself and think on the large scale.

obviously my passions don’t lie in dance, although i love the art. my passions are reaching out to people, caring, loving them for who they are. i don’t want to admit it, but i guess i would say i’m a peacemaker. i want the people around me to be happy. to love like i do. (that might be asking for too much). to hope .. to ‘change’? i’m not sure if the term fits. to be happy with what they have. in this world, that’s incredibly hard but i don’t believe that can’t be done. maybe that’s why i am brought down everytime drama exists around me. even when i am not involved, nor affected. people lashing out at others because of insecurities, hurt, bitterness, all of those ugly demons that came out of Pandora’s box. our lives are so short, why waste it on explosions of hate.

everyday should be glorious & fulfilling. no regrets, only lessons learned to make the next step better. it’s a dance. no stopping .. just keep moving. there’s no beginning and end, but it goes on & on.

I feel like I’ve just seen the sun for the first time / You make my life bright cuz you shine


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